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Highmark Foundation

  • Highmark Foundation is an affiliate of Highmark Inc. (Highmark).
  • Highmark Foundation has adopted Highmark's Integrity Process.
  • Highmark Foundation has also adopted certain essential policies, including a Complaint Reporting Policy. Along with Highmark's Corporate Compliance Program and Integrity Process, the Complaint Reporting Policy is monitored by Highmark Foundation's Compliance Officer.
  • Highmark Foundation has appointed Melissa M. Anderson as the Compliance Officer of Highmark Foundation.

The following information, as set forth in Highmark's Integrity Process, highlights the mission of Highmark and its Integrity Office, and is adopted in its entirety by Highmark Foundation.

Yvonne C. Cook
Highmark Foundation

Integrity — The Highmark Integrity Process

In today's highly competitive business climate, our success depends largely upon our reputation. Highmark has built a solid reputation that our clients, members and providers can depend upon. In preserving this long-standing tradition, Highmark values integrity as the foundation for all business endeavors.

At Highmark, we embrace our Corporate Values. We recognize that it is not enough to merely comply with laws and regulations, but imperative to abide by the highest ethical standards in serving our constituents and community. Therefore, it is important that we do not lose sight of one basic principle of integrity — "We care not only for the end result, but how it is obtained." This means conducting ourselves with integrity in everything we do.

In these web pages, you will find Highmark's Code of Business Conduct, which embodies our commitment to integrity and ethical business conduct. We invite you to review these standards and to hold us to them.

Thank you for your interest in Highmark's Integrity Process.

David L. Holmberg
President and Chief Executive Officer
Highmark Health

Melissa M. Anderson
Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor and Compliance Officer
Highmark Health